Easily create your Facebook App using the ClickAppy Application builder!


Easily create your

Facebook App using the
ClickAppy Application builder

 The other day when I visited a friend’s Facebook page to check out the pictures she had put up after her birthday party, I discovered that she is running a photo contest on her page which all her friends, among others had participated in! This meant that evenbecame interested, and contacted her to find out more! It all resulted in that I came to discover an online program through which you can create almost any application and post it on your Facebook page! This was incredibly simple and easy to do, that’s why I intend to propose to you dear visitors to my blog to give it a try and experience the awesome feeling of creating your own Facebook application for the first time! The page is called ClickAppy and contains a video clip that in a very simple and explicit manner shows how this program creates your application or applications! There are certainly lots of programs online that can be used for this purpose, but I would say that ClickAppy is the best and does not cost more than a cup of coffee! 😉



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